Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Nope nope nope. I won't speed. You can't make me. I will travel at or below the speed limit regardless of what you do.

You want to ride my bumper?
I'll maintain speed or, if I'm in a really bad mood I'll go slower.

You want to travel 100 MPH up until you get on my bumper and realize I haven't altered speed?
I'm still going to maintain speed.

You want to beep at me?
I'm still going to be maintaining speed.

There's an emergency vehicle flashing lights (and with the siren blaring)?
I'll be slowing down and pulling over.

Why am I going to be maintaining speed, slowing down or slowing down and pulling over?

Because: The law states you travel at or below the posted speed limit. You know what speed limit stands for? "Speed limit" means that is the maximum speed you are allowed to travel on that road, no more. So, yeah if you're going to be speeding around me, I'm going to be maintaining my speed at or below the speed limit.

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