Monday, July 27, 2015

Here we go...

Okay, so I have the last two blog posts completed but I'm not comfortable publishing them just yet. Otherwise, something happened yesterday that I'm very miffed about.

My son is a morning person and generally wakes up anywhere from 4AM to 8AM. I guess he woke up very early yesterday and didn't try to wake anyone up (I'm guessing that he was nervous or afraid to wake anyone because he didn't want to get yelled at). Since he didn't wake any one, no responsible adult was up to supervise him and he went and played in the bathroom--where the sink was clogged so it overflowed and the bathroom flooded.

He was punished and since (I guess) a spanking and lecture weren't enough, that he also couldn't go swimming. Mind you my son is three years old right now and no one was awake to supervise him. In my mind, my son is being punished for being three years old--for doing something that he would not have done had an adult been awake and supervising him. It really makes me upset when he is getting punished (so severely) for something that isn't even his fault.

So. I took him swimming.

In my opinion, you can't get mad at a kid for doing something you could have prevented (just by being awake). And, to top it off: I'm being complained at that my three year old son should have known to stay in bed and wait for someone to get up....That he should know his daddy's sleep schedule and abide by it. Seriously. I'm being told that my three year old son is supposed to be responsible for another person's (an adult, mind you) sleep schedule.

Okay. I'm done. I'm still a bit upset but: This too shall pass.

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