Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Madness!

Well, some things have happened, but nothing major.

Um, my car broke. The rear suspension rusted out and cracked, not to mention there was something wrong with the gas tank and fuel pump. (I knew I hated that car for a reason) Now, I'm just waiting on my deductible from my Expedition insurance and the money from junking the car. 

I'm working, but I have to take the bus. I like being a home health aide/ STNA, which I didn't know until I started it up again. Maybe I'll love being a nurse (of I ever get to that point).

I want to register for a class this summer then continue on to fall semester. Hopefully no one messes with me this time. It seems like every time I try to do college some one decides it's a good time to screw with me, then I fail.

Also, I'm getting fat. Which, wouldn't be bad if it was muscle fat. But, it's just fat. Like, I'm eating too much and very unhealthy. I'm not sure how to feel about the weight, though...I'm neither happy or sad with it.

Last, I have a cold. At least I think it's a cold: my throat is sore, I'm coughing and there's a lot of mucus going on in my sinuses/respiratory system. I drank a hot toddy yesterday and that didn't help, usually they do. Today, I had some Robitussin which helped so I'm going to take some now before bed.

Well, that's it. Good night!