Friday, February 6, 2015

Steps to Stability

I'm supposed to be working on my stability and hopefully my life will straighten out. Ever since I lost my home and job last year, I've been working on getting another job and home. I've been mapping out what needs to get done, what needs to happen and in what order it all needs to go so that I can get to that magical place of stability.

What I need:

  • Home
  • Income
  • Security
The steps being taken:
  1. I'm working with my case manager to get into Respite which is a step up from a homeless or crisis shelter. Hopefully after Respite, I'll be able to get an apartment. I think that we are close to getting into Respite, to be sure I'll call my case manager, though.
  2. I have applied for several jobs and have gotten callbacks for interviews and one place even wants to schedule orientation. This is pretty exciting, I'll finally be able to afford gas (lol)!
  3. Security. Now that one is a hard one for me to explain. What I need is assurance, I need to know that I will always have a home and a bed to sleep in. I need to know that. It seems as though everything goes haywire when I don't have a place to stay.
Things are working out. It's all one step at a time. I'm excited for all of the things happening and I wish I could elaborate on them here, but I don't feel safe doing so right now. I'm excited for next week.

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