Sunday, January 19, 2014


My vehicle died and it was the fuel pump with the fuel pump module, which are expensive. These parts are so expensive that in order to buy them, you have to sign over your first born son (just kidding, they cost over $300). I have several people trying to help me along in this, which is awesome and hopefully we'll get it working again soon. I'm slightly agitated that I did not have very good decision making skills when I bought this vehicle, because it is used and what I should have done is bought a brand new car instead.

There are several mind-blowing things happening in the next three months and I am freaking out about it. I really need to get organized and handle this properly since I have enough time to get everything done. If I wait too long, I'll be rushing around and probably will forget several things.

I hope that I can make a decent decision on a certain aspect before the end of February, too.

Otherwise, I'm just as anxious as usual and freaking out everyday. My son is doing fine and growing up so fast. He's getting too big, I wish there was a pause button.

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