Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cloth Diapering Drama (excuse my language, btw)

Apparently, there is a lot of drama in the cloth diapering community. Cloth diapering drama is really the equivalent to the drama associated with personal choices in regards to parenting-- not everyone has the same preferences, beliefs, methods, concerns, etc. No one parents the same and no one does their laundry the same. Everything that everyone does is done differently. There is no "right way" or "wrong way"--except child abuse, that's wrong on all levels (and I'm not talking a single-deserved spanking done for discipline and not in anger; I'm meaning abuse).

Back on topic: cloth diapers are just diapers (shit catchers, if you will) and when they are dirty they are just laundry. They aren't special. Cloth diapers are not made of fragile fabrics and if you paid money for fragile diapers you need to reconsider using them as shit catchers. These things go on our children's asses, they're baby/toddler underwear that get shit and piss on. For the life of me, I cannot understand why there is so much drama surrounding cloth diaper laundry.

Joining the cloth diaper community is like going back to high school: cliques, fashions, methods, preferences. Why?! It's laundry! You wash cloth diapers just like any other laundry, maybe even a little bit more roughly since they have urine and feces on them. Use good, strong detergent like Tide, Gain, Arm & Hammer, Era, Wisk, Cheer-- anything that one could find at any store, really (of course, detergents without fabric softeners). Why use "special" detergents? "Special detergents" are expensive and more often than not: useless. Also, use the proper amount for the load size, why use less?! It makes no sense to me to use less detergent on a shit catcher than I would on my own underwear (especially the ones that accidentally have menstrual fluid on them). It's urine and feces, bio-hazard material, stuff that is actually illegal to throw in the trash!

Stop trying to pound your cloth diaper washing beliefs on me and mine! You're annoying me! All I try to do is tell you how detergent works, how bleach works, how "special cloth diaper safe detergent" works. I am certainly not trying to get you to do things my way. When I say detergent cannot build up, it is not opinion--it is hard scientific fact. If you don't believe that: good for you! Just don't try and pound it into my head that "detergent build up is true!!!" I will not fight science and facts with you. I won't. If you don't want to hear science and facts, fine! Just, don't bash me and mine while trying to refute your beliefs and opinions.

Also, when you create your blog post to bash (under the cover of some cloth-diaper laundry propaganda) someone or a group: you ought to use more broad terms than specifically naming them. That's kind of rude, right? Kind of rude like my post right here, don't you think (though, I'm not berating you like you did us)? It's kind of easy to have a blog you moderate comments on, isn't it? Then, you can delete comments/posts that you don't agree with or call bullshit...makes blogging easy, doesn't it?

Really, though, this is how detergent works:
The main and necessary ingredients in detergents are surfactants and the way that they work is they have two ends. The head end is hydrophilic (which means it's attracted to water) and the tail end is hydrophobic (which means it is attracted to grease/oil/dirt). Saying that, if you do not use enough detergent, the detergent you do use will clean as much as it is able/can hold then it is rinsed away--meaning that whatever dirt is left stays and your laundry (or diapers) are still dirty. If you use too much detergent, the dirt/oil/grease is cleaned out and there is left-over detergent if you do not rinse enough--however that left-over detergent will not cause stink, repelling or leaking and will be rinsed away in the next wash.

What about those bubbles I see when I put my laundry (or diapers) in and run a cycle without detergent?
Well there are actually a couple of things those bubbles could be:

  • Agitation-- You know water bubbles when it's shaken, right? Those bubbles disappear quickly, do not stack/climb and do not have a rainbow-sheen.
  • You ever saw tide pools or rocks that waves crash against in the ocean or rapid rivers? Those are caused by the water mineral content, not detergent!
  • Detergent and grime build up in your washer-- Yep, detergent and grime will collect in the space between the drum and casing. Also, it will build up in the agitator should you have one. Did you clean your washer recently? One should clean their washer at least once a month to keep it in good working order, kind of like how we get oil changes on our vehicles.
  • Left-over detergent in the fabric-- It's not build up because it will rinse away in the next wash because detergent surfactants are hydrophilic (will wash away in water) and hydrophobic (only sticks to dirt/grease/oil, will not stick on fabric).
Thus saying: it is chemically not possible for detergent to build up. 

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