Friday, August 9, 2013


I wanted to write something but there wasn't anything of much significance that happened today for me to journal about. Then, I'm lying in bed and a memory came to me, which I won't go over because it upsets me to continue thinking about...

I have an injured brain. I am still recovering from a traumatic brain injury, I've recovered significantly but not fully. Some things about me are different and other things remained the same--all due to the massive head trauma I suffered. Knowing that: I cannot say that I am the same. No. I am different. I am a different person post-accident than I was pre-accident.

I am still a good person. I still have morals, sense, honesty, good ethics and values, plus more. I didn't become some awful, mean, heartless creature, I don't lie, cheat, or steal; that's not me.

So being struck by this memory, I thought: a person must truly be ignorant if they think brain-trauma does not cause a person's personality to change. Our brain encompasses all of who we are, how could brain-trauma not affect who we are?

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