Friday, August 30, 2013

Pale, numb palms...

Tuesday is when classes started. It rained really bad--like pouring sheets of rain--so I was soaked to the bone and the college is air conditioned. I got to class early and sat down, so all was going well for a few minutes. I'm not sure how long I sat there before my left palm and finger pads when numb and tingly (like when your feet fall asleep, except the pain that's usually there wasn't there...just numb tingling). I thought that maybe it was a circulation problem so I was expecting my fingers or nail-beds to turn blue but they didn't, my hands just went computer-paper-white which was...odd. I sat there for about an hour before my right palm and finger pads when numb, tingly and pale.

After about ten minutes of my hands being pale, numb and tingly, I went into the hallway to call the nurseline and ask about how worried I should be. The nurse told me that I should go to the ED because none of my symptoms were matching up with any of what she had in her system. So, I went down to the office-area-place and asked if my instructors needed anything because I had to go to the ED. The receptionist got worried and insisted calling 911--as much as I understand why, I didn't appreciate it since I was taken to a crappy hospital. At the crappy hospital the nurse or medical assistant (whatever douchebag she was) had a look of derision on her face and scoffed at my answers to her questions. Then, I went back out to the waiting room and since I was shivering from cold chills and moving back and forth trying to warm up, their waiting room attendant told me to sit down. Yeah...No. I walked out and back to college to get my vehicle. It was a long walk.

During the walk, the numb-tingly feeling wasn't as intense by the time I got to my vehicle, so I called the nurseline again. That nurse told me I should go in anyway, just in case, and advised me to be very careful, to pull over as soon as I felt an inkling of not being able to continue driving. By the time I got to the good hospital, the hospital of my initial choosing, my hands were no longer numb, tingly or pale. My feet felt like they were numb/tingly but that was because my shoes and socks were still wet from all of the rain. It was another half hour or hour before the ED doctor came back to see me, but he couldn't figure it out either, especially since my symptoms were gone.

At the good hospital, I was sent back to a large room that was divided up with privacy curtains... so it was several "rooms" in one large room. I was talking on my phone with a friend who decided to be slightly argumentative, so I was responding quietly but harshly. Since I was being harsh on the phone, the nosy hose beast in the "cubicle" next to me flipped open the privacy curtain so that she could see who was talking on the phone. When I looked at her like "WTF are you looking at", she closed the curtain slightly--leaving a small open gap, not sure why--and started talking with her friend about something (completely unrelated to my phone conversation). It was kind of annoying at first, but now it's funny, some people just don't understand privacy...or privacy curtains.

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