Friday, August 30, 2013

I'll mostly be offline over the next few weeks.

There is so much going on right not that I will more than likely not be online much, if at all. I've got college classes, my new job, starting another job and parenting the Boy. It's just a lot. I barely have time to go to JFS about some important stuff. I'm also getting really anxious because some things are going to be due soon and I don't have the money for any of it. I'm really counting on borrowing from another source, it's a completely bad idea but I really have no other choice...well, I do have another choice: not paying anything, but then that would make things worse.

I have to go help care for a person, as a HHA, but my application won't be accepted for either 30-60 or 60-90 days. At least I get back pay for the hours I'm doing right now (so long as I'm accepted), right? I also found a closer nursing home that I didn't even know was one, but I'm not sure if they're hiring right now--I'll ask, though.

The Boy is doing well. He's got counting down, taking off his shirts and attempting his pants. He does understand the gist of putting his shoes on, but isn't that far yet in that skill. Also, he's impatient when it comes to eating; he'll try his fork and spoon for a couple of bites but gets frustrated and impatient to where he puts the utensil down and uses his hands to shovel food into his face. He makes me laugh all the time.

Hmm. I have Math and English this semester. They aren't that difficult, but it's a lot of work and actually giving me anxiety. I have a voice recorder but the batteries died so I couldn't use it for Math and I ended up crying because the professor was going too fast through the equations and as much as I wanted to listen, I needed to write down what he had on the board. I had a minor breakdown there. After class, I went to the college bookstore and bought batteries for the recorder and was able to use it for English. I'm nervous about Math, though I am doing well. I ended up finishing all of the assignments that are available until next class session, in less than two hours. I missed a few of the questions, but after seeing what the right answer was, I was able to figure out what I did wrong and how to do that problem right--I hope that makes sense.

It's been a busy few weeks, kind of difficult, a little anxiety inducing, but I survived. I'm good at that.

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