Monday, August 5, 2013

I start work...again.

Wednesday I start working, yay. Now, I need to figure out our finances and budget. I really need to reign in my depression which sends me off on spending sprees. Hopefully things will be fixed come December.

The boy is getting so big and he's already super smart. He makes me more and more proud of him everyday. His birthday is soon and I'm excited. We'll need charcoal but I'm sure I'll figure that out before his actual party. Also, I hope my new boss will give me that time frame, at the very least, off.

I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow. I need to make a few phone calls as well and rearrange my schedule while listing what needs to get done on our calendar. I'm not expecting tomorrow to be too taxing.

Oh! I don't start school again until the 26th. I'm praying that's enough time for hubby to get done what he needs finished. I also pray that we don't get smacked hard in the face by the upcoming expenses.

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