Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First day of work!

I start at 5pm this evening, couldn't go to bed early last night (anxiety for today) and woke up early! Great, hopefully I'll be able to nap before my shift. When the Boy wakes up, I'm going to play with him until nap time.

Today should be fun!

ETA (08/07/2013):
The Boy and I had fun today. I forgot about the chiropractor appointment that I had, so when I remembered, we actually played for less time than expected which is sad. Work was pretty dead today so I was sent home kind of early. Although I've worked with this company in the past, I'm working in a different position than before so it was a fun learning experience. I have work again tomorrow and Friday, so that's great.

Talked with my friend today. So... now I'm just kind of bored and probably should go to bed.

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