Thursday, August 1, 2013


ETA (08/02/2013):
Maybe I'm just overly sensitive. I still don't understand why what happened happened and I'm still hurt.

The other day I attempted to explain crunchy to two church friends, I didn't have to and shouldn't have--I was only trying to explain the Boy's behavior towards other children and sharing. Apparently crunchiness and using information from the Internet are offensive to these people because they made derisive comments, scoffed and walked away. Then, they proceeded to ignore any further attempts at any conversation.

Okay. I understand I over shared, not only that but I over shared with close minded people. My feelings are hurt, because why cease talking with me completely over what I shared? Seriously, what I shared wasn't even that heinous! I was trying to talk about amber necklaces--because I mentioned them and then was asked questions. What the heck? You ask me a question then get attitude with my answer? As much as they talk about being Godly and good, you'd think there would be more open understanding. But, no. I never expected my BFF or this other friend to react and say these things, I feel they were unnecessarily rude. Maybe BFF felt like she could be an ass because this other friend was there? If so, I don't need "friends" that have to act like an ass to look good or make me look bad.

I should plan something else for the Boy's birthday, I honestly don't think I want to be around the church people I invited (if this is how they behave). I'm even considering a new church, I just can't believe the foolish choice of words and hurtful attitude.

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