Monday, August 19, 2013


I know I shouldn't feel bad, but I do. I feel bad telling kids not to hit, tap, touch, etc. my head, especially the left side. Over a year later, the left side of my head still hurts. It's not a headache pain, it's physically my head/skull that got bashed into the driver's side window that still hurts--and it's a constant pain which only gets worse when something/one touches or hits it.

I feel like a jerk for saying "please don't (touch) my head," it's such an uncommon and silly request that makes no sense to most people (though most people dont go around touching other's heads). With children, unless they know why they can't touch my head, they think its a game, dare or joke. Today, at church, my BFF's DC tapped the left side of my head and she knows why I asked her to please not do that again, so she stopped. Another church friend's DC heard my request, came over and tapped the right side of my head after I asked the first DC to stop. The second DC didn't know why I asked the first to not do that, she probably thought I was kidding or she was special...I don't know. She was scolded  by her parent. Neither child's actions seriously bothered me, though my head was aching pretty bad. The first DC really touched a sensitive area on my skull, so that started a headache. The second DC didn't touch the injured area of my skull, but she decided to test why I asked DC1 to stop and got scolded herself. It makes me feel bad and I'm annoyed the pain won't go away.

I think I'll remind BFF to tell her DC about my head aching, then tell other church friend so they may tell their DC as well.

Work is going good, though. That's a plus.

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