Monday, July 22, 2013

Yesterday was fun.

I met my BFF, her kids and family, then later on another friend of mine from church, at the amusement park. BFF's kids had a blast, along with their cousins on all of the rides. My son had a lot of fun and it was a long day for him. He really enjoyed the roller coaster and the rides that spin. BFF and her family left after maybe an hour, which was fine.

The Boy and I stayed a bit later because my other friend's daughter wanted to go on more rides that she missed from arriving a bit late. She had the best of times! I felt bad because we all had to leave before she got to experience the roller coaster, but we had to go to church. It was all in all a great day.

I know the Boy and I probably won't be able to go back to the park this coming weekend, so it's a good thing the tickets don't expire. Maybe we'll all go next weekend.

ETA (7/22/2013 3:45pm)
It was a cheapy kid's amusement park. Nothing fancy like Six Flags or Walt Disney, btw.

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