Saturday, July 13, 2013


I wish that I could update on the board. Well, I mean I know I can, it's just I also know that my posts are starting to annoy some people--which I want to avoid and so that's why I'm creating this blog post just in case anyone tracking my progress wants to know.

  • I love my husband to pieces and I hope that we find out what is wrong with him soon because his illness is really taking over and I hope that we can fix what ever it is.
  • I asked God what would be the better path to follow and He told me nursing. I re-registered for my nursing prerequisites and will start those this Fall.
  • I should be done with my licensing in ~3 years, which is fine. In the mean time: more babies (lol).
  • I will be starting work at a new facility soon, I hope as soon as next week. I will get more sleep during this time since I know I need more sleep now than before.
  • I wanted to take as many classes as my brain can handle and I think that two will be my maximum this semester. Hopefully by Spring, I will be able to do 3 class at a time, right?
I'm really pushing my anxiety back because worrying about what needs to get done is not helping anything. Right now, I'm focusing more on the different things going on instead of what needs to get done which is helping me.

Now, to figure out some different options.

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  1. It's really good to see your updates...we miss you on the boards. Who gives a flip if you annoy some people? I didn't think you'd care.