Sunday, July 7, 2013

Okay. I'm back and really creeped out.

Apparently, someone has made a fake profile--another fake profile--and friended me, once again, on Facebook. Seriously, I'm not posting anything "special" or "private" on my Timeline that you can't see....except pictures, I'll be honest there: you can't see my family if I don't know you. If I don't know you from "BBC" or IRL, then I'm sorry: I will not accept your friendship. Now, if you know me from one or the other: message me and tell me from where, which board, when and what post (the "other" inbox is fine, I check it regularly). Yep, those are my stipulations and if you know what I'm talking about: great; otherwise: piss off. Yes, I accepted one fake profile and they "unfriended" or "blocked" or "deactivated" their account--I should have known better and did a little digging before accepting. Now that I'm a bit more aware and "on edge", I won't be accepting you unless I know you. Remember a few blog-posts back, I told you (summarized) "Get a life"? I meant it. I meant it for you and your friends. Eat some 'shrooms, level up, grow up and get a life.


I need to go to bed, there are phone calls that need to be made early. Then, I have to take a nap before work, shower, then leave for work. I am not excited about this. I can't wait to get things finished up so that I can start the new path I am planning, there's so much going on it's insane! I need to remember to go drop off some applications, too.

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