Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here's an overly informative post.

I recently decided to get Paragard a copper IUD that is good for 10 years. Yeah, I'm sad but it's for the best right? Oh, and I guess I haven't been regular, but I wouldn't know since I just started keeping track last year (yay, for period apps). Last year once cycle was like 50 or 60 some days, that's a lot. So, I expected one of these months to follow suit. I'm almost two weeks late, which is no big deal and I'm expecting to start bleeding like a stuck pig soon. Yay for being a woman.

Otherwise, I wanted to finish the math work that I had missed on the online computer program that my class was doing this semester. I couldn't finish up the work because the program is closed up, which is sad. I have a feeling I'm going to fail which sucks....especially if I have to retake the course.

Grr. Argh. Oh, I need to go take my medication.

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