Friday, July 26, 2013

Feeling neutral

I'm not as badly depressed today, in fact, I don't think I was that snippy. I could have been, but I don't know. Don't feel annoyed, angry, sad or depressed. My mind isn't wandering and my thoughts are more focused--redundant sentence, much? Lol.

Tried to make appointments earlier but no one answered the phone. I went to my chiropractor today with the boy. One of the discs in my neck is significantly degenerated, which is sad and explains the pain, numbness and tingling from my neck down my right arm, hand and fingers. All this time I thought it was carpal tunnel and that being disproven earlier this year, no one told me what was going on until today. The chiropractor said it was probably due to the car accident, but I'm not sure since these symptoms started when I was ~16 years old and they only got worse after the accident...if that makes sense. I have to go for six appointments in two weeks to see if there's any improvement. Although, I wonder what they can do about a degenerated disc. Oh, and my neck curves backwards, now to figure out how to explain that one...

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  1. My former pastor has a degenerative back disorder from his days as a Navy Seal. I'm not sure much can be done besides pain management and surgery and I don't think surgery can cure it completely. Best of luck to you!