Friday, June 7, 2013

Sometimes I wish I was a plumber,

Or, that I knew all there is to know about plumbing. Yep, weird wish. Mainly because our new washer (Haier 1.46cu.ft.) hooks up to the(a) sink faucet and the drain hose empties down the sink drain (or, currently our bathtub). It's kind of an awkward set up right now as I have to get an extending hose so that our facilities are not blocked.

Other than the awkward setup, the faucet attachment sometimes leaks. I learned, from some very helpful mamas, about Teflon Tape. Also, we have, using Teflon Tape and a wrench, the leaks have stopped--that's a good thing because I'm sick of using towels to clean up the water puddles on my tile!

See those intake hose? I need an extender so that I can move the washer further from the faucet:

The output hose isn't as far in to the tub as I'd like, but it still works:

The intake hose to my faucet:

See, it's a tight stretch:

Also, if you noticed, I have a monkey theme :) I recently bought green towels to go with it, lol. Thankfully, I solved the leak problem so I don't have to worry too much about it now. I just have to make a trip to Home Depot soon, maybe tomorrow.

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