Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Interviews!

This is great, I have several interviews scheduled over the next week. Hopefully I get hired soon! I can't wait. These companies seem decent enough, I've already made it to one second interview...which doesn't mean anything, lol, but that's okay.

Tomorrow being Friday, I think I'm going to restart the Flats Challenge, it's not like I haven't hand washed before... but now it's just for fun. I'm working on another soaker for the boy, I'll be making it a bit longer than the previous one, so it should fit better.

In regards to college: I'm doing very well in my class. I'm very proud of myself. This is something that I was very nervous about, I'm still a bit nervous but I should be okay since it's only one class for summer semester. I didn't know that summer semester courses were accelerated, I'm doing twice or maybe it's just one and one-half times the work that a regular semester is. I'm glad that I only chose to do one class this semester, although if I had known it'd be like this, I may have registered for one more class as a challenge--I'm happy I didn't since I don't know how far my brain is capable of going just yet.

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