Saturday, June 8, 2013

I fixed my washer issue...

I went to Home Depot last night, trying to find what I finally got today. Last night, the sales associate said no, it wasn't possible to do what I was asking. Today, the sales associate at this other Home Depot (different city than the first one) said that it was possible and showed me the components that I needed.....what I wanted to do was either buy a longer washer hose or combine the three washer hoses that I have. I knew what I was looking for was an adapter type thing, which I was shown today and bought two of. I wish I had the energy to go out again today to buy a longer drain hose, but I'm too lazy. Anywho, this is how I set it up now:

 <--You can see the connection to the second hose, on the floor, under the green towels.

 <-- Here are the hoses wrapping around the shelf unit going to the sink. The top black line by the toilet paper is the power cord, the outlet is between the shelf and medicine cabinet.

 <-- Our bathroom is pretty small, but this set up works, there's still enough room to sit down and stand up, in regards to the toilet. The drain hose is also hanging into the tub, not very far into the tub which is why I kind of want to go buy a new/longer drain hose, but I'm too lazy to do it just this second.

On slightly different note: DH and I both have job interviews on Monday, but unfortunately within the same hour. I'm going to have to figure this out...either he will call and get the time changed or I need to see if the sitter is available. I am a bit anxious, though.

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