Friday, June 7, 2013

Hey Carrie & Friend's!

One more harassing comment, any more libel on your FB, anything provoking or threatening: I will report you for harassment to the police. Continuing to lie about me to the people around you is slander, BTW and illegal. I do not lie about you Carrie, what you have done is terrible and illegal, since you did do it: it is the truth thus not slander. Although, I make the UNCONSCIOUS decision to not talk or think about you, mainly because I don't care about you!! I'm done with this, I've been done with it. I highly recommend that you find a new hobby, maybe get off the computer and actually take care of your kids. There are a lot more exciting things in life than stalking me, being vindictive and spewing lies about me.

I'm not even going to defend myself because #1: you aren't worth it. And #2: you know what you did and what you are lying about.

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