Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 2: Hand Washing Flats Challenge!

Okay, I had a few more flats to wash today than yesterday...but not because I changed him was because I missed a few flats from before I started the challenge. I had about 4-5 flats from today which is fine--he's still sick so I wasn't expecting an output increase. He didn't have a BM yesterday, but he did during the night so when I changed him from his prefold-flat overnight, it was...messy. Again, today no I'm expecting it tomorrow morning. Anyhow, I dumped and rinsed this morning, then threw the whole shebang into the hamper minus the soaker.

First, my hamper of dirty diapers. They don't look dirty, do they?:

~2T (Tablespoons) of Gain detergent with hot water:

After scrubbing/agitating, ready to be rinsed:

After plain water rinse, now vinegar+water rinse:

Waiting to be hung:

Hung in the bathroom, had to leave up the ones from yesterday because oddly, they did not fully dry:

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