Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time Management

I'm having a difficult time scheduling and managing my time, it's sad. Not only that, but I can't remember offhand what's already been scheduled and when--darned memory. At least I have my planner/agenda.

These next two weeks, I have job interviews. I also have the state test on Saturday, I'm excited and hope that I pass. We also have a few random appointments in between my interviews. Also, I start college on the 28th, which is great but I'm still a bit anxious about it.

My next PM&R doctor appointment is on the 23rd, the representative at college said that should be enough time to incorporate the accommodations that I'm going to need. I'm glad that I've improved/recovered so much since the accident last year. I seem to be getting better every day that passes. It's a bit frustrating that it's going so slow, but there's nothing I can do about that.

I also talked with my case manager and she helped me figure out what is going to happen with the changes that are coming so soon. I'm glad that there are some people who are willing and taking the time to help me, it was frustrating a couple of months ago when it was difficult to understand them and it seemed like no one wanted to help.

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