Friday, May 10, 2013

My dearest child,

I love you more than life itself. You are so smart, so handsome, so loving, so happy, you impress me every single day. You are my world. Everything I do, have done and plan to do, I am doing for you. I smile at you when I see you asleep. My heart warms when you come cuddle and hug Daddy or me. When you sit and figure something out that puzzles you, I become impressed by your determination, your concentration and the speed with which you work.

This week, you have been getting angry frequently because we happen to tell you "no". I understand, my love, it is frustrating when you want to do something and suddenly you can't, you're told to stop, you're told "no". It's completely understandable that you just want to figure something out or inspect it a little further. Everything is new to you and we understand. It's fun to learn how a remote works, or how a computer types, or what buttons to push to win that game on Daddy's PS3. I'm sorry, darling, that we don't let you go about pushing all the buttons you want. I know it's hard to hear the word "no".

Everyday that comes, you wake up happy. I hear you start to move around in your bed and you have one-sided conversations. You smile a big, toothy grin when we come to get you out of bed. You laugh and contort when we try to change your diaper. You pull and guide us by the hand around our home or in the store or at the park with a big smile and happy laughs. The conversations you have are always so emotional and emphatic.

Daddy gives you his old phone to play with and you like to throw it around so the battery comes out. Smart as you are (!), you saw Daddy put the phone back together twice and that was enough for you to learn how to put the battery cover back onto the phone. You are so smart! I've buckled you into your car seat and high chair enough times for you to figure out how to do it yourself! You pick up your toys, no one told you to! Where'd you learn that? You amaze me every day. We teach you things and don't even realize that's what we're doing.

It breaks my heart that I will have to start working soon and I'm in tears that I start college on the 28th. I won't be able to get you up and dressed in the morning when you wake. I probably won't see you before you go to bed. I won't be able to play with you often or for very long. I'm going to miss all of this extra time that I do have with you. All of this time that we've had together, I am happy for it and I'm sorry that it won't last forever. You are growing so fast, Pumpkin.

I love you with all my heart, my son.

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