Thursday, May 30, 2013

Misunderstood and not listened to

When I try to express how I feel, what I'm thinking, or what I need--really when I try to express anything--90% of the time I'm not being listened to or the person I'm talking to doesn't understand what I'm saying or flat out doesn't care.

I was trying to explain to the professor that I'm working with the access office for accommodations but won't be getting a letter soon....then started to try and say, plus remember what the access office guy told me. Not only did I forget what I was told to tell my professor, but my professor wasn't even wanting to listen...he just kept repeating the same sentence "I need the letter or I can't do anything". Bah! I know that, but holy [profane word], can't you see that I'm having trouble getting my thought out?! It's [profane word] obvious when I have trouble expressing my thought, or thinking of the word I want to use, or finishing a sentence. Most people I talk to, that 10%, actually see the difficulty I have and they give me the much hated "pity look"  and tell me to take my time.

At least I waited until I was out of the classroom before I started crying out of frustration?

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