Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 1: Hand Washing Flats Challenge!

Here is day one: Friday, May 31, 2013 (if you didn't know). I finished the wool soaker on Wednesday, then prepped everything to start today.

I have 24 large GMD flats, 3 (size 2) Thirsties covers, 3 Snappis and 1 hand-homemade wool soaker. Not surprisingly, DS only went through 4 flats today, not including the flat plus prefold that he is currently wearing  for sleep. He got sick either on Sunday or on Tuesday--I'm not sure which day, but those are the days that he was around other children (church and sitter). He didn't eat or drink much, I'm thinking that was because he's feeling terrible with this cold. On a side note: what's odd is when I called the sitter and told her that I would be keeping DS with me today because he had gotten sick, she said "huh, I noticed his nose was a bit drippy but since it was clear I thought it was just maybe allergies"--So, I guess since he had a runny nose it had to be allergies, without calling me to confirm? Well, I suppose I understand since people do lie and in order to "not get into trouble" they would say "Oh! Allergies! For sure!". Also, I only used one cover today since it was neither saturated nor pooped on.

Anyway, he's wearing the soaker I made. I did not lanolize it but it should be fine until I do get the opportunity to do that. The soaker doesn't fit well, though, the waist is kind of loose which looks weird to me...maybe I should have decreased stitches a bit more.

Anyway. Here are pictures of washing them in the kitchen sink:

Filled sink with hot water and ~2T (tablespoons) of Gain detergent:

Rinsing, just hot water:

Added vinegar to hot water for rinse (to make sure detergent is out):

No suds after agitating:

Clean rinsed and wrung out:

Each flat folded in half, twice to fit on hangers, plus cover:

DS wearing the soaker I made (you can see it doesn't fit well, sad.):

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