Tuesday, May 28, 2013

College started today!

Awesome. Class wasn't too bad, we were given basic information about what we're learning plus a quick review over it all, before the hard-core learning starts on Thursday. I have to register for an online program that our instructor is using. Hopefully FA covers it, if not it's no big deal. As long as I pay attention, take notes and am given permission to record his lectures, things should be good.

I had to drop the boy off to a sitter since DH had his own classes while I went to my classes. I'm glad that she had cameras set up so that I could watch him while in class. **No, I should not have done that because multitasking is not a good idea at this point in time, especially not during college classes.** I did miss my boy though, I cried from the moment I turned to exit the room until I got to the college building. I'm so pathetic, lol, I love my boy so much.

He really enjoyed himself, played with toys, ate all his lunch and socialized with everyone...he even helped her clean up the room of all the toys. He's so polite and helpful! I'm so proud of him. I wish that she would have been more open to cloth diapering but I understand so I bought him some sposies (Huggies to be specific, everything else breaks him out in rashes. And he needed to be slathered with A&D because he is that sensitive or allergic to sposies--which is surprising because he never broke out while in sposies full time from birth to 10 months. My poor boy with sensitive skin. He should be fine the rest of the time though, since I usually put him in cloth.)

I'm planning on starting the "Hand Washing Flats Challenge" soon, just as a personal challenge. Usually it's set up for a specific week in the beginning of the year by a cloth diapering website, I missed it but that's okay. Challenge independently accepted. Lol.

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