Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last day of classes! Then, college!

Okay, the ADA representative at the college gave me awesome advice and information for what I need. But, it would really benefit me to get everything at least one week before classes start. This makes me sad. My classes start on May 28 and my appointment is on May 23. I did try to get an earlier appointment, but's not important? or....this doctor has to be the one that sees me? ...I don't's still frustrating that I can't see anyone earlier, though.

I need to remember to buy a recorder, so that I can get the whole speech and listen to it just in case I missed anything. This particular class is going to be difficult, ugh. I wish things were easier, but they're not and it's no good getting down on it. I should do fine, I refuse to let myself fail.

Today was the last day of classes, but we still have clinicals on Saturday. Then, we won't be doing the state exam until May 11. I'll be practicing and studying until then, hopefully everything will go well. There is so much that needs to get done still...

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