Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm relieved

I checked online what I owed the college and it doesn't say anything about my financial aid, so I was worried. Well today, I went in to talk to the FA office and she said that it's in the system and I'm okay. But, I still need to check for the Autumn-Spring semesters.

Also, I am doing spectacular in my current classes: mostly A's and a couple of B's! Today, our instructor "tested us out", basically a mock-test. I did horribly, but I just need practice--not to mention that my memory is good for nothing. She thinks that I will do just fine, though, and not only that but I am going to be studying a lot harder now. Now that I know what I need to work on, I refuse to let myself fail.

College doesn't start until May 28th and I still need to register for Autumn. Things seem to be falling into place, though, so I'm really not worried anymore. ETA: I'm still anxious about the ADA stuff, but anxiety isn't going to get me anywhere, I just need to wait until my doctor gets back...

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