Saturday, April 6, 2013

I have to remember that time is on my side.

Gah. I'm impatient about everything. I want:

  • STNA classes over
    • STNA license/certification
  • College classes to become an RN
    • My RN license
  • A baby
    • Pregnancy
    • New baby things
  • New-ish car, like a Honda or Toyota sedan
  • House
and I want this stuff now.

I know that classes for anything take me time. I know that it takes awhile for me to process and comprehend things--shoot, today we were at Home Depot and the salesperson was acting like an ass because I was taking a long time to say what I wanted and comprehend what he was saying. Okay, I understand that my stupidity (okay, I know it's a brain injury and that I'm not really stupid, but I feel stupid) is not visible, that people don't know that I have problems until I tell them. Still, I'd like to be an RN already! I'd like to have that gas-efficient vehicle already! I'd like to have our next squish already! I would like a house, darn it! And, I'd like that stuff now...

I should relax. Time is on my side, even though I want ten kids, ha ha.

I was thinking, though. What if I get my CNA in mid May, then get hired approximately by June and go to college classes right after or during my CNA classes? What if? Well, I would be in college for my RN and working as a CNA, that's not too bad. It would probably be more difficult if I became pregnant during that period, especially since the classes in college that I will be taking would be two years.

Oh, geez. I'm even thinking that if I start working in June, in order to incorporate FMLA with pregnancy I would have to work for five months or longer before actually becoming pregnant. If I do that, I would have been working for the facility for fourteen months--but I would also be going to college classes. I didn't really think about how taxing that would be for my brain until now. Now, I have to really think about this: I'll be pregnant while working and going to school--can my brain handle that?

I don't know.

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