Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well, clinicals are in another week or two, which is awesome.

I went to my local college campus today and registered for classes. I'm excited! I've taken the placement tests to know what level of Match and English I am at. For English, I scored high enough to take honors classes (which I won't be registering for because that's more work than I want to do). For Math, I scored where I figured I would and because of that I have to take more Math courses than what's listed on the prerequisites. (And, I'm ashamed of my Math capabilities so I refuse to tell you just where I scored!) My summer classes start on May 28th!

I need to remember to register for Fall classes on April 22nd. I can't take too many classes per semester because of my brain injury--right now, at least--but I'll see how it goes as the classes progress. I am hoping to be working by June, though. I'm putting a lot on my plate right now: college classes, work and caring for my son. Now, for most people that is doable, slightly stressful but still doable. For me, however, it's going to be hard. ETA: Going to college, while working and taking care of our son will be very hard for me, next to impossible, but I am sure I can do it. (The last sentence in this paragraph seemed unfinished to me.)

I need to see if there are any books I can get from the library to brush up on my Math skills, lol.

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