Friday, March 29, 2013

April Fool's Day!

That is Day 1 of my classes and I'm not sure what I should consider it...ironic? That may not be the right term, but whatever. I'm excited. I need to finish my papers and I did get quite far with them since yesterday. Hopefully they will be completed by Sunday night.

The other thing that I learned today is that important papers have been received and I will be collecting them on Sunday morning.

Happy Easter!

April needs to go by decently for us!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Lately, I was thinking quite negatively...with all of the stuff that's been happening over the past year-ish. Things have been looking up more recently, though (as my hubby has said).

We have a new place, we have a new vehicle, we have new furniture, we've paid a few bills in advance and still have a lot to spare. We opened a CD with a considerable sum, not for an extended period of time but long enough for it to accrue interest and not be within my reach to spend (lol). When the CD matures, hopefully we'll have saved enough on the side in our savings, to add to the CD and extend the holding period so that there's more upon it's next maturity. It's too bad that the bank we went through doesn't do MMAs, but it's good enough and it works for us.

I'm going to be taking the 4 week classes at the beginning of April because it will be slower and more at my pace. When I finish these classes, hopefully I'll be able to find work soon. What we're going to do tomorrow is get hubby set up so that he can go on to bigger and better things. I'm going to help him accomplish a couple of things so that he has the opportunity to go on to college, graduate and start work in a successful field. I'm excited, hopefully things get better and stay better.

Praying and hoping for better!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My attorney did have really great information for hubby and me today. This is great, it's not as much as I expected but it's enough to make things a little bit easier for us. Now, I just need to finish my classwork, pass my CNA and get a job. Hopefully things will go well and we'll be able to start making our lives comfortable again.

I can't wait until Saturday, then I'll be able to do some important things. Other than that, I'm so exhausted that I want to go to sleep right now and it's only 8pm. Blah.

Sleepy lately

I don't know why but I'm always tired, so tired that I almost fall asleep where I'm sitting. Now, the tiredness could be from my TBI, it could be stress, it could be lack of sleep...I'm not sure, maybe it's all three. I hope that this sleepiness gets better, though. I need to finish up my paperwork for my classes.

I've only gotten through 2/3rds of my vocabulary and there are way more words than I thought there were. Next, I need to work on my chapter papers, there are ten chapters but I've only gotten through chapter two. This is taking me way more time than I thought it would. I understand why I wasn't able to work on my papers for two weeks, it was because we were moving. However, now that we are through moving, it shouldn't take me this long to get through my papers.

We get to meet with my lawyer today. Hopefully he has some very good news for us.

Other than that, it seems that since deactivating my Facebook profile, some people have stopped stalking me and stopped posting BSC bull-crap. I really want to reactivate it, but I know that this person will find me, since they are stalking me. I wish they would get a life, though. I understand my life is much more exciting than theirs, but seriously: they need a better hobby, like sculpting.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Set back!

Well, it's not too bad. I was hoping to take the 4 week evening classes but there are not enough people on this side of town for that class. I can't go to the East side because it's a late class and dangerous for me to take the bus home from there.

Now, I'm going to be taking the 2 week day class but that starts on the 18th of March. My class instructor wants me to get all of the work done by that first day because I've had the book for so long. I kind of feel like an idiot because I've only gotten midway through chapter 2. I hope that I can get through all of this work. I'm going to start working on this stuff after spending a few minutes here, online.