Friday, February 15, 2013

Mail Came!

I ordered a couple of things from earlier this week and didn't expect it to arrive so soon. There was a product recommended to me that I bought and I had to order something else with it so that it could be an "add on" instead of the main thing shipped--kind of made me sad because I didn't want  to make my bill any more expensive! I really don't understand the shipping "rules" of Amazon, but then again it's also something I really didn't take the time to read.

The product recommended was:

Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Since tax returns came in, the other item I ordered--which for Amazon was the "main" item--was a backpack diaper bag. I'm glad that I ordered it because I don't like the diaper bag that I received as a baby shower present and I don't really like the diaper bag that I had made for myself a couple of years ago (it's more like a purse than a diaper bag and it's smaller than I'd like).

The Fisher Price Deluxe Convertible Diaper Backpack

I really like this backpack, I've been wanting something like this for the longest time! It is a lot more difficult (for me) to carry a diaper bag--or purse--on one shoulder and having it hang on one side, along with caring for my son. It's much bigger than I expected, as well, I could probably pack quite a few cloth diapers along with other odds and ends, without worry of space. I haven't tried it out yet, but it's so cool looking, I can't wait!

I like the Angel Baby Bottom Balm, too. I was asking about anything that might help my son's forehead scrape heal so that there is no scarring and that is what was recommended. At first, hubby got me Neosporin, which I really do like and was using until today. Now that we have this balm, I've put it on him twice--once an hour--and it really keeps his scrape nice and soft, I'm guessing moisturized too. I think that this will be very helpful in preventing any scarring.

I felt so bad because we had gone walking outside and he tripped on his right foot/leg, face-planted into the cement/asphalt and scraped his forehead. That made me so sad and then I was thinking how badly I scar so I was feeling guilty that this scrape would be with him forever. The majority of it has disappeared, there's just one tiny area that has yet to heal. So, I'm hoping that goes away without any scarring, though I'm not sure about it and I'm diligently putting this balm on now. Otherwise, he's so happy!

Hubby has been teaching him a lot of new words, especially what things are called, the Boy is so excited and having fun. Right now, his favorite word seems to be "nose", it's much better than the previous favorite ("no") although unless you're paying attention and watch what he's pointing to (a nose), it sounds like he's saying "no"! He is such a smart and amazing child. We also went and bought a few footie-pajamas for him. I'm glad that we did that, although one out of the five is kind of small (12-18mo size) but that's no big deal. The other jammies we got are 18-24mo and he seems very comfortable in all of them.

I can't wait to start classes, though. My four week classes start on March fourth and won't end until the end of March or beginning of April. That is okay, I'll deal, not to mention I get to study the text since I was given leave to take it home--I paid the fee in full the day of orientation (February 14), so I was allowed to take the text with me. I'm so excited, not only have I been through this class twice before, I get to refresh my memory by studying the text. This is great, there is no possible way that I should fail the state exam now.

Hopefully things get better and go well the next few months!

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