Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm confused

I don't believe that Facebook is real life and I don't consider it real life. It's just a method of communication. I'm okay with what happened because I don't believe that I've been "kicked out" of these people's real lives....especially since I wasn't talked about anything in real life. It's okay, I'm okay with it, just confused and I suppose that it's natural to be confused about things. Typing this all out makes me feel better at least, getting it out that I'm just confused about Facebook.

I have my other friends phone numbers and emails, so that if I'd like to keep in touch, I can--without Facebook. I moved my pictures over to Photobucket. There really is nothing holding me to Facebook. I suppose I will deactivate it. There's no need to get myself confused any further with anything extra.

I'm tired. Today was a big day. I was late to my doctor's appointment which was fine, because she still saw me so I was able to get done what needed to be done. Then, I renewed my discount card for the bus since I lost it a few days ago. After that I went to the justice center to get a background check done and got lost in that building.

At the bus stop, I was eating my lunch, which was a very cheap $3 meal of "turkey pot pie". Basically, the hospital (because that's where I got my food from) was serving the turkey pie filling with a bisquit made of the pie crust dough and a serving of mashed potatoes. It was awesomely delicious for hospital food and it was cheap. I have no idea why the couple standing behind me had to say "It's so rude when people bring food out here to eat and don't offer no one none." Were they trying to make me feel ashamed of myself for eating? Were they upset I didn't share? How is that even an appropriate thing to say?

My day was just...weird.

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