Thursday, February 14, 2013

Four Week Classes

I was meaning to take the two week classes, but they move so fast, the instructor advised me to go with the four week classes instead. Now, I have all of the materials I need since I went to orientation and I can get a handle on all of the work, way in advance. I'm so happy now! I think I could have done the two week classes, but the fast pace and stress would probably have caused me to freak out.

The four week classes start on March fourth and that's okay, more time to get the paperwork done. I also have to go downtown for my BG check, which will be cheap by what the instructor said. Then, I have to get a physical and a TB test. I've had two TB tests in the past 3 years and I always have to get another one because by the time I enroll into a class, the results "expire". At least starting these classes will give me more time to get all of that finished. What's really great is that these are evening classes, so even better--more time with my son!

I'm going to start on the paperwork after blogging this, I'm just so excited I had to get it out!

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