Sunday, February 10, 2013

Editing Out the Profanity

Credit where credit is due is where I left off, just posting that so I remember, lol.

The Boy and I are still sick. I have to edit the last couple (or so) posts because they are not my usual fashion--it's a shame what offensive drama can push a person to do (like, push me to post P/A blog posts).

Anyway, I'm tired, Boy has appointments tomorrow and I'm going to sleep :)

Edited 2/11/13:

I went through all of my posts and wow, my SIL really pulls out the bad in me. I can't believe myself. I understand that what I posted is immature, PA and not right, etc. etc. etc. I'm only leaving it up to remind myself.

I'm trying to close my Facebook account, but I'm moving my pictures over to a separate picture website and for some reason it's "stuck". I'll be emailing them soon to see what the problem is. As soon as I do that, I can separate from the madness and focus on the happy & normal. At least I only swore in the posts that Carrie is in, which is the last two and I edited out the swears that I had included. I don't want to edit what she posted because that would be like lying for her. Ugh. I can't believe what's going on.

Now, my accident case--the settlement--is taking forever, it's not finished yet. I just want to move on already! I want to be able to do the things I've been planning on for the past few years and be in a better financial state so that we can start having more babies. I get to start classes on the 18th and orientation is on the 14th, I'm excited and glad that it's only 2 weeks. After I get my license, I'll start applying for jobs, then I'll enroll into college. The only thing really holding me back, and I'm hoping is resolved before applying for jobs, is not having a car.

I have to go do something right now, I'll post again later because I know there was more but I cant rememebr!

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