Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm taking a step back from the drama. I can't handle it, I get too worked up with anger, it's a good thing that we'll be going offline soon so I won't be tempted to post anything immature again. Which, though I am angry about my previous posts since they are very immature, I am not removing them. Mostly as a reminder of just who's level I sank to, when I put them up, in hopes that I won't do it again. Still didn't remove them, I consolidated them; Carrie doesn't deserve that much space.

I can't wait for the second half of February to come, not only will we be offline for awhile but I'll be taking steps to improving our situation. I am wholeheartedly done with the dramz, hopefully for good since I tried so hard in the past not to be a part of it. I can't believe how easy I was sucked into the "Drama Shit Hole" by the Bitch. I had avoided the "Drama Shit Hole" so well in the last months of 2012 when other people tried to take me there, I handled that drama quite well. I'm a bit mad at myself for going there. I will not dwell on it, though.

Otherwise, I've been "destashing" my yarn collection: made a few hats and started an afghan (it's kind of an ugly afghan because I have no color sense!). These are the projects I've completed. I made the "Jester Hat" for my Boy and he's so darn adorable in it. Although, I made the face opening a bit too small, so I need to take it apart, re-knit so that it's more loose and will fit him. What I'm currently working on, besides the "Ugly Afghan" is another "Jester Hat" for my friend's boy, then she'll want me to make another for her girl. It's a fun hat to make and looks so cute on little ones.

I'll be focusing more on my crochet & knit projects to distract myself from any dramz seeking temptations.

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