Saturday, January 5, 2013

Love at First Sight

Have you ever gone into a store to look around and spot something that you just fall in love with and have to have it, so you buy it? That's how I'm feeling about this one particular thing. I walked in, saw it and said "I want." I'm planning on buying it but I have to wait for the funds. I've had to wait for a very long time and what's taking so long is that my insurance company has decided to take it's time. Which, I'm fine with that, it's just kind of anxiety inducing. There are several things that I've been wanting to go ahead with and what's holding me back is the lack of funds. I'm really hoping that the thing I want is still there when I do get my settlement. That would be great, then I would be able to purchase it and get on with my plans.

The other thing is that I'm really hoping to make our lives better, to the point where we aren't struggling so hard. I just want my Boy to have an awesome childhood and I'm trying so hard to start working towards that goal. Again, it's put on hold until I get my settlement and some answers about my SSD application. I remember how held-back I felt when I was a minor and now that I'm an adult and know that what I want I can get, it's so difficult and frustrating not to be able to do it.

Things need to start straightening and finishing out and fast so that I can go ahead with my plans and life.

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