Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Almost April!

Okay, I'm excited, my OB said we can start seriously trying in April! I know that I have to double check with him, but I'm sure that it's going to be okay. I can't wait, I want more babies! Little, tiny, cute squishes. I'm so upset that we couldn't start earlier and that it was postponed due to the accident. I can't let it bother me anymore though, can't change the past. I'm just looking forward to April now!

We already came up with names before I was even pregnant with the Boy. Hmm, I don't remember them very well so I'll ask hubby. That's no big deal though, he'll remind me! I think I've changed a couple of the names around and he's been okay with that. I'm sure that he'll let me change them around until the new little one is born. The last time, I wanted to change the Boy's first name and he didn't let I don't like his reasoning, but I think that if I keep working on him, he'll let me the next time.

I wonder what we'll be having next, a boy or girl? It really doesn't matter, I don't prefer one over the other and having the Boy doesn't change my feelings. I'd just like to know. When we do find out we're pregnant, though, I don't want to find out until the little one is born! The last time, we found out because we were excited and it was so much fun. Now that we've already experienced it, I want to be surprised!

I can't wait. I know that the chance of becoming pregnant during the first cycle is small, but I can hope! I'm here praying to have more babies!!!

(Still feeling guilty, though...)

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