Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That's Done

I completed the mental health evaluation yesterday, it took longer than I expected, that's okay though. I noticed that the tests were very similar to what I had done in inpatient and outpatient therapies, so that's kind of strange. I suppose that it makes sense if a person has a severe brain injury they couldn't remember each time and each activity, but what about the people that do remember and they cheat the system? That's kind of unfair in my opinion, I think it'd be best if each activity was different, especially if it's for an evaluation like this. I didn't remember a lot of the activities while I was doing them. It was actually quite frustrating, I was trying to do my best and realizing how much I was failing, I wanted to cry.

One of the activities was something like word association or something like that. The doctor read me a list of word pairs (i.e. Road, Street; Zoo, Girl; Work, Smile). I was supposed to list the adjoining word or say whether or not the word pair was in the original list. I messed up a few times and I know I did because I couldn't remember some pairs. Then the other activity was matching symbols and patterns on a board and I know I did terribly on that because I couldn't remember half of the symbols, then I was lost on what pattern they were in.

Ugh, I knew I wasn't good at that stuff anymore but after the evaluation...I'm a bit sad. I wonder how long it's going to take for me to get back to the point I was at before the accident.

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