Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The day was yesterday and I meant to post a reminiscence about it but I was tired and went to bed early. Turns out, however, that if I go to sleep at 8:15PM, I tend to wake up at 4AM. Which, I really don't mind because it gives me time to get ready and make sure I'm not forgetting anything. Today, the Boy and I have a big day. We'll be going out, I have to go trade in a few things and then purchase a few necessities. It is going to be snowing, my friend told me that we're expecting a blizzard and I'm not excited about that. I'm worried about my husband because he has been and is going to continue walking until I get a vehicle...and he has work today.

I'm putting the Boy in disposable diapers today while we're out because I'm bundling him up a lot. He will be wearing jeans and snow pants so that will make diaper changes more difficult. Although I should be changing him often, even in sposies, I won't be (able to) changing him every 2 hours like I would have to in cloth. Besides, if I take too long (as in 3 or more hours--with cloth diapers) to change him, he leaks through and soaks his clothes.

On to Christmas. We are poor, I'm not ashamed of it or embarrassed, it's a situation that can (and has) happened to many. We can only afford the necessities so we couldn't get the Boy presents ourselves. Now, how embarrassed am I that many people asked me if we had bought the Boy anything? I was very embarrassed and felt really guilty that we had not. What did people do? These people were so nice and spared presents for the Boy--which he is enjoying to the fullest extent that a one year old can. I literally almost cried out of appreciation and happiness at the generosity.

Now, today. I will be going to Bible study, since the Boy's bedtime is 7PM now because he refuses his second nap and will sleep until tomorrow 7AM. Until then, we'll be out walking to the stores that I need to go to, in order to accomplish what needs to be done. So, I'm going to get the Boy dressed after slathering a-crap-ton of lotion and Vaseline on him because he has bad eczema and I don't want it to be exacerbated by us being outside most of the time.


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