Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Well, the case hasn't completely settled out yet and it being the holiday weekend, I'm not expecting anything to move forward until January second at the earliest. Not completely happy that it's taking so long, but it's understandable, that's just how these things work.

We bought the Boy new cloth diapers last week and they arrived pretty early, which I was happy about. They aren't extravagent, we can only afford the lower priced brand (, which is perfectly fine with me. They work well and I've heard that they are just as good as the higher priced diapers. I was just washing the used diapers, I only got the covers done and I'm feeling too lazy to continue with washing the inserts and wipes. Handwashing the Boy's diapers is...well, it's not hard, it's time consuming. I have to do it this way since we can't afford the $2.50 (wash & dry) every 2-3 days, shoot if we could do that we'd still have the Boy in disposables (ha ha). Since I'm feeling lazy, here I am on the interwebz.

Hubby and I are looking into a few things right now, in preparation for after this case settles out. It's kind of fun, I know that there will always be options out there and if what we look at now is gone then, it's no big deal. I'm really hoping for things to go well, I'm not raising my expectations at all, I like to have fun window-shopping.

The Boy and I are feeling a bit better today, not 100% but close and Hubby caught our cold which I feel bad about. It sucks because he has to go to work and it being the holidays, he'll get fired if he calls off (which I think is ridiculous, he wouldn't call off just to screw around, he'd only call off if he's sick--which he is, but apparently that doesn't matter {?})

There is so much that I want to do, I've been wanting to do, even before the accident and I'm getting really antsy with every day that passes.

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