Saturday, December 8, 2012


There is a court case I have technically been a part of for two years, the first half has been completed, now they are going into the second part. I guess I understand why it's taken so long, it's just kind of  bad timing for them, seeing as they are now contacting me post accident. Being subpeonaed and having to cancel an important appointment to my PM&R doctor just so that I can go to court is not only irritating, it's making my anxiety worse. I just got the letter, which says I'm supposed to call before appearing. Well, I'm supposed to appear Monday and I got the letter Friday night at ten in the evening because hubby has the only mailbox key and checked it late. All I can do is leave a message for them and cancel my appointment, which I'm almost positive they won't be happy about my not calling early enough.

This sucks for me because I'm not able to remember a lot of what happened. Like, I remember generally what had happened, but the specifics are eluding me. My memory is going to be a problem in this instance and I'm a bit angry about it. Maybe if I keep thinking about it, I'll remember more. I'm glad I hadn't remembered anything specifically but then they sent me this letter...

It's like something bad happens and you wish with all your might that you could forget, but you never do. Well, I suppose that I got lucky in that aspect this March. Considering the case wasn't completely finished yet, though....this isn't good for them.

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