Tuesday, December 18, 2012

$18K gone this year

Had I not been in an accident and continued working, I would have made a gross income (from April to December) of $18,000. That is before taxes, I would have been paid the whole because as an independent aide, I would have had to put money aside for next year's tax returns. It's really irritating to think that's how much I've lost out on (financially speaking).

Other than that, I was not able to take care of the Boy from March 29th until October 30th. Also, I have not been "Okayed" to drive by my PM&R doctor yet (I had to cancel and reschedule that appointment due to a subpoena). I'm still working on my cognitive functions and memory, my speech is fine, along with my broken pelvis and rib. I wasn't able to start another job, continue with my previous employment or attempt to apply for college classes. A lot of things have been put on the back burner because of this mess.

Oh, yeah! Hubby and I can't start TTC#2 until April 2013 because of my pelvic fracture and my OB/GYN recommending the wait. Grr...

You know when you're down on your luck and it seems like it's never going to look up? Well, I feel like we've fallen in a giant crap-hole and every time we get close to the top to climb out, we get knocked right back down.

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