Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trauma Victims Should Avoid Stress

When one goes through something traumatic, that in itself is stressful. Then, add in the little extras of stress you were dealing with before the trauma and all the stress you are subjected to post-trauma. It's way too much! Think about it, your brain is already stressed out, handling more stress is almost back breaking.

We had stress before my accident but nothing too big and I was already over my past stressors. Then the big traumatic event of my accident happened and it through us for a loop. Next, while I'm recovering and my husband is still trying to recover (though he had to go back to work way too early), we're getting more stress thrown at us. It's unbelieveable!

I wish I knew what we did to deserve all of this stress. Should I count it as "trials and tribulation"? Is it a test? I'm sick of all the stress, I'm finding ways for us to deal with and then avoid all future occurences. I'm hoping that when all of this is settled out, solved or calmed down, we won't have anymore stress to go through. Sure, life is rough and it's a fight, but does it really have to be this difficult? I should look at it differently and be glad that it isn't any worse--it darn well could be worse! We're lucky to have a home, clothes and food; I should be happy and grateful for that, maybe that will be enough to focus on so that all of the big/little/random stressors don't throw me off? I hope so.

Anyway, stress is bad for trauma victims. Stress when you're healthy, taxes your entire system, so to be stressed after a traumatic experience is like shooting yourself in both knees and trying to walk.

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