Friday, November 2, 2012

Still Waiting

The insurance companies and the hospital are taking forever! Ugh. I want things to be finished already, this is ridiculous, how hard is it to get all of the information together and give it to my lawyer so this can all be done??? Apparently it is near impossible...blah.

I just want things to be finished so I can start the initial plans I had made in February that I intended to start in June. Since the jerk hit me in March, I haven't been able to do any part of any of the plans that I had. I've been annoyed and the longer this whole thing takes, the more annoyed I get.

All I wanted to do was get our home furnished because we've been living with scraps of donated family furniture for the past almost 2 years. Then I wanted to start college so that I could advance our lives for the better. Finally, we had planned on trying for another baby. Since this accident, everything has been postponed and I'm getting more pissed than annoyed.

Seriously I want to thank the very responsible, man that decided it was a good idea to drive "negligently" down the residential street at 65MPH then hit me....Jerk.

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