Thursday, November 15, 2012


I had to reschedule the remainder of my November appointments to December. Earlier this month, I requested transportation through my health insurance and they sent me a month bus pass. Well, they sent the bus pass, which would be valid for every day in November, on October 29th. I never received that bus pass, I received the day passes (which amounted to 5) just not the month pass. I have no way to get to my appointments at the hospital without a bus pass and they couldn't send a cab or transportation company to pick me up because I should have the pass they sent out.

Well, I called 3 days in a row asking about the pass and finally what should I do! They don't know, they don't know what to say, but their representatives will berate me over the phone like I'm an idiot and trying to get one over on them. You know what?! If I had the bus pass, I wouldn't be calling!!! So, thanks insurance company, I rescheduled my appointments because "you can't do anything now".

Oh! Then, I called today to schedule transportation, with the denial for bus passes because that potential is obviously unreliable. The representative decided that she needed to explain transportation to me. This is how it went:

Me: "I need to schedule transportation for my coming appointments."
Her: "You already have transportation scheduled for the rest of this month with the bus pass, we cannot schedule anymore cab rides. You need to use your bus pass that we sent."
Me: "I rescheduled my appointments--"
Her: "If you are not using your month bus pass, you need to return it, they cost $85."
Me: "I never received it, I cannot get anymore transportation for this month, so I rescheduled my appointments for December."
Her: "You get 15 transportation credits per year, you can schedule more transportation appointments."
Me: "No, I was supposed to get a bus pass for the month of November and I never received it. Your company cannot do anything else for me, for the rest of this month. So, I rescheduled my appointments."
Her: "Oh, yeah, that's right. So, I'm going to have to cancel the rest of the appointments you had scheduled for this month. Just so you know, there is no guarantee you will be able to bring your infant with you, since you're taking the cab transport instead of bus passes."

Really? Really? Ugh and eye-roll! So, the previous reps have always asked if anyone else would be coming with me. Then, I ask for bus passes because it's simpler for me to just bring my infant on the bus, seeing as RTA won't charge me for him until he's 3 years old. I don't get the bus pass that I really, really do need so I request cab transportation and you are now telling me I might not be able to bring my infant?!?!?! Who is going to watch him?! Really, lady, really?!?!

Well, I'm hoping that there won't be a problem bringing my infant. What a stupid, disconnected transportation department I have to deal with. The whole thing does not make sense!

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