Friday, November 9, 2012

Found My Friend

Well, we had been friends in elementary school and like always one drifts away from those friends when moving up in grades. I don't remember why we stopped talking and a lot of things happened in my life during that seperated time. I'm glad I found her again, she and her family are really great people. Besides them being great people, I get more experience and interaction with socializing with others/them. Although, sometimes it's a bit awkward for me because no matter how ridiculous I sound when I speak and how I say things, they except it and don't let me know--and I wish they would. Hopefully after letting my friend know about how much trouble I'm having, she'll help me out that way I can act socially acceptable, ha ha.

I told her and her family about the accident, since they didn't know because it was a small accident, not much media coverage and on a street/in an area they usually don't travel around (that I know of at least). It's no big deal to me, I just have to let them know about my minor disabilities so they don't think I just jumped off of the crazy train.

My friend has two adorable and fun kids that love playing with my boy. I think it's awesome, he had so much fun and was worn out so much he needed extra sleep! I was surprised yesterday when he took an almost 3 hour nap. Then, I was more surprised when he took his second nap at 6pm and went to bed for a full nights sleep at 8pm! I think he's getting an adequate amount of sleep and sticking to his sleep schedule really helps him out.

If anything, I'm so very exhausted. I took naps with my son during his morning nap and that helped. At night it's difficult because I would want to be awake to do things but I would be so tired, I would have to go to bed. I suppose it's not a problem, I do need my sleep. The more I sleep, recover and keep busy, the better I'll heal and the more significant my progress will be.

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