Friday, November 23, 2012

Feeling Much Better

The boy and I are doing better, well he's about 95% and I'm about 80% better--not that we have meters, but how we're both generally feeling and acting. I'm so glad that he's finally eating again, it really sucks when your little one feels so ill they don't even want to eat. He went almost 4 whole days without eating, only drinking herbal tea and watered down juice. He's still stuffy but not as horribly grumpy.

I'm glad that the pediatrician we saw on Monday explained why cough/cold medicine is not recommended or available for infants. I had no idea but after the explaination: it makes sense. Now, I'm nervous to give him the cough/cold medicine we bought him a couple days before, so he hasn't gotten more than one, 1mL dose since. Now, he's just getting honey in his tea, Karo syrup for his throat, vaporizer and Vicks VapoRub on his little feeties with socks. He's doing so much better now, he's playing with his daddy and acting like he's on top of the world.

I'm feeling a little bit better. My throat is still scratchy and this post nasal drip is annoying as heck. At least, with the way I'm feeling, I'll probably be completely better by Monday. That's all I can hope for anyway.

My friend took me to my OT appointment today, which I really appreciate. I had a Dynavision activity and did really well.
This board ^^ Dynavision.

It's really fun and cool like that old Simon Says game or whack-a-mole. The gray rectangle in the middle is a mini-screen that flashes instructions/numbers and the white squares are buttons that shine orange alternately and randomly. It's a really fun test for reaction time and something else I can't remember, ha ha.

Anywho, my little man is wanting me to pay attention to him so: later readers!

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